Occasionally in life you meet people who by sheer determination and tenacity are able to shape, form and change agendas. Papa fizzes with a passion that shines and inspires people to follow. He is, quite simply, a force of nature. We should be proud to have people like this working within business and leading change within and beyond the boundaries of their roles.



Papa is one of the most uncommon people you will ever meet. Growth and circumstance change a person’s perspective over time. Boy; man; father. Cashier; restaurant manager; sustainability project manager. These are some of the journeys Papa has undertaken, and learned a lot from. Apparently, the stress of running an international social impact program is comparable to that of handling the “no more biscuits” meltdown. Who knew? He does now. Papa’s sights are now set on the journey- curious project manager; social activist; social entrepreneur. He believes he’s found a way to capture and use social value in business as a force for good. And after his close calls with housing troubles and time spent at soup kitchens, the issue on homelessness in the UK has his full attention.

A born-and-raised Londoner, Papa completed his degree in Logistics in Aston University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. During studies, Papa joined Nando’s as a part time cashier, and transferred down to a branch in London after graduating. Eventually finding his way through the ranks to the sustainability team in head office, Papa continued his development with a course suggested by a colleague of his ran by the London School of Life, called “How to make a difference?”. Between each learning experience was the chance to go back and practically implement what he learned was possible and felt was right. He later undertook Bath University’s online course “Make an Impact: Sustainability for Professionals” which helped provide a much needed foundation and resources for the industry he was now neck-deep in. And it was in this environment that Papa thrived, gaining the respect of other sustainability professionals in the UK, South Africa, Netherlands, and Italy.

Papa parted from Nando’s UK after a 7 year career, and a proud set of impacts on the business: from creating an engaged set of sustainability Champions across the London, South of England and Ireland regions (team of 30, varied in location and personalities), to the ‘Paperless’ initiative he drove to reduce waste paper in the business (10% reduction in 2015). From engaging the Technology Director with work on conflict materials in their consumer tech products they buy, to engaging the UK, US, Australian, and South Africa business units on impact assessment work on chilli farms in Southern Africa. Papa knows how to run teams, systems, and yet is still personable.

It’s no secret that social impact is Papa’s calling. And within that space, homelessness dominates. He seems to possess just the right skills mix to deliver on his plans, and is set to go on to do more.

Papa is convinced that our collective futures are improved with collaboration.

“Tomorrow. Today. Together.”


Papa holds lectures, seminars, and workshops on the topics of Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Impact and Social Good for individuals and businesses. A skilled and charismatic public speaker – with a background in standup comedy – he uses his talks to help committed individuals and corporations create a lasting impact in today’s society.


In Our Hands is the result of two years of researching and collecting stories. It challenges the stereotype of the homeless.